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38 Customer Reviews

by Frazier680

Sep 11, 2022

The Ring Central customer service is…

The Ring Central customer service is terrible. They feel that it is appropriate to make sales calls at 10 PM at night when people are sleeping. This makes me question their ethics and feel like they are not for me.

by Jackson98

Sep 07, 2022

Ring Central has hidden language in…

Ring Central has hidden language in their contract that if you do not cancel it within 30 days of your renewal, they will automatically renew you for 2 YEARS! I wanted to downgrade some lines that I am not using due to the fact that my business has lost employees since Covid. They will not reduce the number of lines and insist that when I signed up years ago that they have an automatic renewal in place for 2 years that can only be modified with a notice that we provide in a short 30 day window. STAY AWAY from this company.

by Washington862

Aug 23, 2022



Their service is OK to Marginal.

Their customer service has one job and that is to try and keep you signed up and paying fees to get out of it.

I had been a user for several years and had transitioned to a lower plan and was confirmed as month to month. When I went to cancel they said I had to pay out for another 10 months...

Do not use them!!!! There are better options.

Stay Away.

by Lucille751

Aug 15, 2022

Worst company I have ever dealt with…

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The worst!
I transferred our main business line over to them because it integrates with a new software the company wants to use.
Worst mistake ever!
Today is August 15. I have been waiting since May 27 to use this number with texting. MAY 27!
That's practically 3 months ago!!!!

I have spent over 20 hours on line with customer service trying to get everything set up for a company of 2 people!!!! I'm still waiting for them to authorize texting on my account. It is seriously disrupting our business.

I will leave them minute I can. I am even talking to our new software company and telling them that they need to find a better phone company to intergrade with.

by Garrett524

Aug 09, 2022

Don’t use it!!

Don’t use it!!! Scam!!! When you try to cancel subscription they don’t do it and keep charge your credit card. Worst experience!!!!

by Hunter181

Aug 01, 2022

The worst customer service in the…

The worst customer service in the industry. I guess when you're big, you don't care about each loyal customer. I have been paying them $60+/month for a few years now and now all.odntue sudden they disable my account without any notice given. When called CS = , very rude all.natioalities that barelly speak.any English are encountered. Asked to speak with a manager, have been placed on hold and then hung up on. Very rude

by Hoffman239

Jul 30, 2022

Disappointed Customer

Poor customer service. That's once you are able to actually speak with customer service. Everything is messaging and emails. It was difficult to actually talk with a representative. They have questionable billing practices. I paid annually. Then according to them I went over my allotted number of pages per month, which is not really billed by the page rather by the min. Therefore, if it takes 30 min to send 10 pages, that translates to 30 "pages". That's deceptive to me.

RingCentral contacted me and still have not corrected the problem. DO NOT USE THEM! I just called them and was disconnected!

by Lewis Lucas

Jul 29, 2022

Absolute worst customer service line

Absolute worst customer service line. It is impossible to get in touch with a live agent. Their 1800 call number keeps prompting for the same information and will never connect to a representative. Their system is often flawed and I have run into technical issues that I would never experience with another competing company. Cancelling my subscription! I suggest you do the same.

by White634

Jul 27, 2022

The only reason I didn't give Ring…

The only reason I didn't give Ring Central 1-star is that that once you do reach a live agent (after being on hold for over half an hour), the agent does their best to help. Still, every agent I've dealt with deliberates every word while wasting time repeating what I've said, or with an overabundance of repeated pleasantries. PLEASE JUST GET TO IT AND REMEDY THE ISSUE!

by Max Chapman

Jul 21, 2022

Lipstick on the PIG , pigs are cute but not these guys.

We have 5 lines, 2 stars no doubt it's slick tech it's easy to use but when you need help you, which you will prepare to lose at least 4 hours resolving an issue that should take 10 secs by a real tech not someone reading a manual to you. I was having trouble with receiving faxes no fix for me, want to switch oh we signed you up for another 2 years automatically. Oh you need help leave us a message, Who leaves voicemails for a big company when seeking help with their product. SHAME. Oh and don't think it's just the people who complain post these reviews well probably mostly but see for yourself give their toll free a spin you'll see why there are so many complaints. TI bet the bot that posts auto reply below this will say I'm sorry call or email us to fix it before that message I just left get's returned.

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